Our Contributors

Fayaz MahroofNarrator

Fayaz is an ardent blogger, a narrator of stories and a student. Taking his finals in CIMA, Fayaz also acts as the ‘Evangelist’ for High Five, spearheading the marketing and sales function for the firm.

Fayaz worked at Channel 1 MTV, as a producer and and was the producer of the acclaimed talk show ‘Nothing Personal’, which saw iconic figures such as Ela Gandhi (the Mahatma’s grand daughter) Kiran Bedi, Arthur C. Clark and Sanath Jayasuriya talking about their lives, accomplishments, quirks and everything in between.

Click here for Fayaz’s profile.

Vidusha Nathavitharana‘Cheerleader’ at High Five

Vidusha is the Chief Consultant of High Five Consultancy. He holds a bachelors in International Business from the UK, and holds postgraduate Diplomas in Marketing, HR and IR.

He lectured for the CIM program in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and consults for profit and non-profit organizations across 4 countries, including the World Bank, CARE International, Nike and Wataniya Telecom Maldives.

Click here for Vidusha’s profile.

Sanjaya GunarathneProtege at High Five

Sanjaya is a ‘consultant in training’ at High Five. Having completed his bachelors in Business at the University of London, Sanjaya joined High Five as his first job.

Sanjaya is a widely read young man with a passion for all things reptile !

Click here for Sanjaya’s profile.

Guy Janssen Independant Concultant

Guy is a Belgian citizen who has made Sri Lanka his home. A widely read scholar with two masters, Guy specializes in ‘democratization’ and works with the Governments of Indonesia, India and Australia on governance issues.

He is also a consultant for the World Bank. Guy speaks half a dozen languages and travels avidly on assignment.

Click  here for Guy’s profile.

Ifaz Bin Jameel ‘Ideator’ for Fire Fly

Ifaz is an ‘ideator’ : and runs his own ‘ideas hot shop’ called ‘Fire Fly.’ Having worked in some of the most coveted advertising agencies in the island, Ifaz is a wellspring of ideas. Ifaz also offers training on creativity and innovative thinking.

Click here to check our Ifaz’s work.

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