Meeting obstructions, willingly

Dhanjibhai is built differently to most of us, and faces the challenge of going from once place to another.  Rather than complain about his plight, he saw an opportunity to challenge himself to come up with a solution.

Evolving from different models, finally he has been able to convert a scooter to his requirements, and goes about his everyday life, just like you and I would…


Click here to watch the video of his invention created by Discovery Channel in collaboration with the Honey Bee Network. His profile at the National Innovation Foundation can be browsed here.


About High5 Perspectives

We are an organisation that dreams, one which aspires to create pieces for its readers that move their imagination. We intend to be a platform where people share their views in ways that enable the originality to surface, while maintaining basic chords of respect and responsibility. We intend to make it a place which stands out for rich content, and lets people be part of us for their ability, and not who they are or where they come from. Come join us - come find out the joy of being in the 'High5' community.
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